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If you’ve ever had a credit card balance you couldn’t pay, received an NSF letter from your bank, or made unwise financial decisions without contemplating the consequences, I’ve been there too. We all wish we could redo some things in life. It’s okay to make mistakes if you’re going to learn from them and change the behavior which produced the negative outcome.

I had the idea to start my company after becoming frustrated with all the opportunities to go into debt in this country. Every form of debt from credit cards to student loans to car loans was irritating me to the point where either I was going to continue to contribute to the problem or be a part of the solution. My wife tells me I can’t be still so I thought I’d focus my energy on solving the problem.

I’ve devoted my life to helping others regain the financial control they may have lost after years of just getting by living check to check or check to credit card. I believe we all are better than that. And all it takes is a little coaching, information (turned into knowledge when applied), and desire to make a change.

I’m positive Game Time Budgeting can be of assistance since my wife and I have been living totally debt free (mortgage included) since age 33. All the lessons I’ve learned along our journey have been incorporated into our teaching materials. Most importantly, I’ve learned the mindset one must have to make a life changing decision. The good part is anyone can do it. Trust me when I tell you this. You don’t have to be a mathematician, have the intelligence of a scientist, or born into a wealthy family to achieve your financial goals. It’s all about “your desire” and willingness to follow a plan.

If you want to interact with people who are determined to help you achieve your goals, you’ve found the right company. Game Time Budgeting is the result of all my listening, coaching, planning, organizing, process improvement, conflict resolution, critical/analytical thinking, presentation, and facilitation skills gained throughout my lifetime. I’ve also incorporated some key learnings gained throughout my studies to become a certified credit counselor, certified financial health counselor, and certified debt settlement specialist as well. In my desire to reach teens I’ve created, The Financial Fitness Playbook and Money $mart Teens, to provide practical, easy-to-understand lessons on debt free living and financial behaviors that produce positive results.

In addition to my financial fitness passion, l enjoy reading, playing racquetball and ping pong. My wife and I enjoy international travel, spending time with family and friends and spreading the debt freedom lifestyle.

If you aren’t where you’d like to be financially, a phone call to us is an easy first step.
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Al Riddick – President

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