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Speaking Engagements

Our President & CEO, Al Riddick, receives numerous requests for speaking engagements. Because he is dedicated to helping people live their best financial life, requests submitted in a timely manner are greatly appreciated. After receiving your request, someone from our office will contact you within two business days.

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Most Requested Speaking Topics

Financial Fitness – Making “Sense” of Your Dollars (adults): Are you so busy minding your professional business that you sometimes neglect your personal financial business? We all have what it takes to improve our financial fitness. By attending this program, you will gain new insight about:
• setting financial goals
• treating your finances like you’re running a business
• having a high income/high consumption lifestyle
• the undeniable truth of your net worth 

Marriage, Communication, and Money: Are you married and treating your finances like you’re still single? Money is one of the main issues involved in marital disputes. This can be overcome if you learn and implement the correct strategies for couples. By attending this program, you will understand how to:
• utilize the team concept
• create and implement a sound monthly financial game plan
• discuss financial decisions
• manage “our” money and not “my” money

Barriers to Financial Fitness: Do you ever wonder why there seems to be so many roadblocks preventing you from achieving your financial goals? At some point, we all have allowed ourselves to become a victim of marketing strategies. By attending this program, you will overcome self limiting beliefs and behaviors by understanding:
• commonly believed financial myths
• the “good credit” fallacy
• some of what you learned about money as a child may not be true
• the man in the mirror

Debt Free Living: Do you think it’s possible to live debt free in today’s society? If not, you’re not alone. Most people are so caught up in using other people’s money (OPM) to finance the life they believe they deserve that being debt free is outside the realm of possibility. By attending this program, you will come to realize:
• debt free living is a choice
• the true impact of credit
• the negotiating power of cash
• the real winners in the lending game

Financial Stewardship in the Church: Do you sometimes wonder what the bible says about money? In today’s churches, many members are waiting on a financial blessing to solve the financial mess they chose to create. By attending this program, you will learn what the Bible says
• Stewardship
• Handling money
• Debt
• Faith and action

Money 101 (for youth) – Millionaire habits: Do you think most teenagers understand the basic financial concepts related to living a financially responsible life? The younger people are when they learn to understand and implement sound financial principles, the better. By attending this interactive workshop, teens will gain new insight about:
• setting financial goals
• understanding basic financial terminology
• understanding the impact of taxes on income and lifestyle
• balancing banking accounts
• learning to prepare a monthly budget