Strategies for Financial Fitness

Student Financial Coaching

We provide students with tools to develop the proper financial mindset and behaviors so they can build upon their understanding of making, saving, and spending money.

Our interactive, educational, and fun workshops will help students understand their money MAP (motivations, attitudes, and perceptions), discover the truth about commonly believed money myths, and expose them to the mindset required for becoming a habitual saver.  Each participant will leave our workshops knowing why living below your means, not within your means, is the best kept secret for financial success.  By the workshop’s conclusion, students will have learned why giving money purpose and direction can unleash the millionaire within.

Our curriculum is delivered in one hour increments and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

For more information, please use the Contact Us page to let us know your company, organization or group is interested in hosting a Financial Fitness workshop.

  “Al delivered a financial literacy workshop to students who participate in the Transitions Program through the African American Cultural & Resource Center at the University of Cincinnati. Al's engaging presentation style and creativity easily kept the students' attention. He provided real life examples on how to manage money while in college and how to live debt free. Many of the students expressed that they really learned a lot from Al's presentation. I would recommend Al for future engagements.”

Tamar Kinebrew - Program Coordinator – African-American Cultural & Resource Center - University of Cincinnati
“Al is an excellent presenter who engages his audience on money management skills. His program was tailored to the audience, college student leaders, and presented at their level of understanding.”

Della Marie Marshall – Senior Associate Director – Kent State University

 “I work for the Office of Diversity Affairs at Miami University of Ohio and oversee a career development program for diverse students. I, along with another academic department, hired Al to give a "Budgeting 101" presentation to our students. He was very personable, had great energy, and engaged the students. He provided helpful information and the students got a lot from the presentation. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking financial advice/education.” 

Yvania Garcia-Pusateri – Assistant Director of Diversity Affairs, Miami University
“I never told you how much your talk inspired me, changed the way I think.”

Arzell W., Student - Xavier University
“Al wonderfully displayed the financial world to Northern Kentucky University students which helped them feel more responsible and willing to tackle possible debt in the future. His thorough knowledge and awareness of the pitfalls faced in achieving higher education, generational and cultural patterns in regards to budgeting alleviates and empowers audiences to pursue a more disciplined financial outlook for greater financial outcome”

Jyreika G, Graduate Student - Northern Kentucky University
“Al did a wonderful job teaching students at Miami University how to be financially fit. The audience was engaged and eager to learn from him. Al has a special talent as a public speaker and is able to relate his experiences and expertise in a way that anyone can understand. I look forward to bringing Al back to Miami’s campus for future speaking engagements.”

Daniel Krancevic – VP of External Relations – First Miami Student Credit Union
“Al is a dynamic and engaging speaker that really makes you think about your current financial situation. While he never forces anyone in the audience to be 100% debt-free like he has achieved, his personal story encourages the audience members to reflect on their current spending habits. Al really changed my opinion that one has to have a mortgage, car loans, etc in order to live a comfortable lifestyle; it's not true! Through his personality and own story of success, Al is able to interact with the audience and facilitate a deep reflection on the spending habits that society encourages. I would recommend Al to anyone!”

Allison Rubin – VP of Financial Education – First Miami Student Credit Union

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