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Game On, our corporate financial fitness program (four one hour sessions), was developed to help companies decrease lost productivity costs due to employee financial stress.  Just because your employees are at work doesn't mean their mind isn't somewhere else.  How much is this idle time costing your company each year? 

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With our financial wellness program, employees will be given the tools they need to start to make immediate positive financial changes. Most people desire to get a better handle on their finances they just do not know where to start. The program is not only educational but engaging. Your employees will be excited and empowered to make changes to improve their financial situation. An improved financial situation means decreased stress for your employee and increased productivity for company.

Our program is customized to the needs to of your company and employees. During this group training, attendees will be provided with a pre and post assessment, as well as, a playbook to facilitate their personalized, track-able action plan.

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Al has made a wonderful connection with our team. His expertise and compassion has changed the conversation among our team to reduce debt. They are all looking forward to working more with Al... to create a financial plan to achieve those dreams on their list. I trust him with my most important asset . . . my management team..  
Mary Miller - CEO (JANCOA)

Al was able to dissect the ins/outs of “finance 101” in a very practical and easily appreciated way. He clearly paints a better financial future with simple solutions and easy-to-apply strategies. What a great way of understanding huge benefits of strategic spending habits, saving and investing!    
Funmi A., Procter & Gamble BWDN

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