We are here to help you achieve and maintain a
debt-free life

The idea to start Game Time Budgeting (GTB) came after becoming frustrated by all the ways you can go into debt. Every form of debt from credit cards to student loans to car loans was irritating to the point where Al decided to become part of the solution. GTB is devoted to helping you regain the financial control you may have lost after years of just getting by living check-to-check or simply going through the motions without a clear sense of direction. We all are better than that. All it takes is coaching, information (turned into knowledge when applied), and desire to make a change. Let Game Time Budgeting assist you in shifting your financial outlook.

The lessons learned by GTB president, Al Riddick, along his journey to debt freedom have been incorporated into our teaching materials. You don't have to be a mathematician or born into wealth to achieve your financial goals. It's all about your desire and willingness to follow a plan. GTB is the result of listening, coaching, planning, organizing, analytical thinking, presentation, and the facilitation skills of our team.


To lead people toward a debt-free lifestyle, removing the hurt and pain caused by financial turmoil


To educate and coach on practical financial wellness principles that help people create financial stability and security, while getting to debt freedom.

Our Values:  Truth, commitment, Freedom, integrity

Truth:  We create and maintain trusting relationships with our clients
Commitment:  We help you create positive financial behaviors
Freedom:  We assist you in breaking out of financial bondage
Integrity:  We deliver what we promise to you