Black Friday and Cyber Monday Have Secret Love Child

Al Riddick third grade pic.png

During an unseasonably cold fall month in the early 1960s, a snow storm caused a 24 hour power outage in Retail, USA. As fate would have it, there was a convention being held where top marketers from all corners of the United States gathered to discuss their latest holiday strategies to increase revenue.

While sitting by the wood burning fireplace in the lobby of their five star hotel, Black Friday caught the eye of Cyber Monday. They quickly looked away but found themselves staring at the others tattoos (same day delivery, buy one get one, 50% off, FREE shipping). They became intoxicated with emotion and logic was nowhere to be found. Cyber Monday accompanied Black Friday to the penthouse suite. After an unforgettable evening of multiple charges and transactions, the euphoria of that night was slowly replaced with feelings of regret.

Approximately nine months later, Giving Tuesday was born. Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday didn’t count the cost regarding the financial impact of that one hot and steamy night, they will now have to make the tough choice (i.e., live within or below their means) to generate the necessary cash flow to create a better future for their offspring.

For the next 5 years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday reignited their flame in Retail, USA and engaged in the same behavior. Giving Tuesday was thrilled each year to have a new sibling. Black Friday and Cyber Monday continued to wonder why they seemed to never be as excited as they were that first night. Years later they came to understand that every decision has a financial consequence which led to Giving Tuesday feeling neglected. Throughout the remainder of their lives, they began to focus more time and attention on Giving Tuesday and their other children (spending plan, financial freedom, gratitude, mindset, behavior).

Throughout this upcoming shopping season, remember these three things:

  • There are many people who are less fortunate than you. How can you give to others?

  • If you charge it, be sure you can pay it off when the bill comes. If not, your good deal has not gone bad.

  • The most precious gift you can give another person is your time.

  • The best gifts cost nothing: a smile, laughter, a compliment, or the very rare gift of listening.